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Gold-based solder

Gold-based solder is based on gold. The main alloy components are nickel, copper, palladium, zinc, copper, germanium, tin, etc. Compared with silver solder, it has strong corrosion resistance, low vapor pressure and good performance. Features such as fluidity and wettability. It can braze copper, nickel-substitutable alloys and stainless steel, etc. It is especially suitable for the brazing of important parts such as electric container parts and aero-engines. It has a wide range of applications in the aviation industry and the electronics industry.
Product serial number
Product description
product name Grade performance Melting point(℃) main application
Element /wt.% Solid line Liquidus
High purity gold Au01 Au:99.999 1064 Evaporation material
One gold Au1 Au:99.999
Gold copper AuCu20 Au:margin Cu:20±1.0 910 Electric vacuum solder
Gold nickel AuNi9 Ni:9±0.5 960 980 Medium load contact material
AuNi17.5 Ni:17.5±0.5 950 Electric vacuum solder
Gold, silver and copper AuAgCu5- 20 Ag:5±0.5 Cu:20±0.5 885 895
AuAgCu20-20 Ag:20±0.5 Cu:20±0.5 835 845
Gold and silver AuAg25 Ag:25±1.0 1025 1038 Kovar alloy,
Stainless steel welding materials
AuSn90 Sn:90±0.5 217
AuSn20 Sn:20±0.5 280
Gold silicon AuSi2 Si:2±0.5 370 390 Die attach
Gold antimony AuSb0.5 Sb:0.5±0.5 360 1030 Semiconductor device welding
Gold zinc AuZn5 Zn:5±0.5 810 860 Brazing of thermocouple components
Gold Palladium AuPd10 Pd:10±1.0 1320 1370 Distributed brazing
AuPd25 Pd:25±1.0 1380 1400
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