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Aerobic welding torch

Aerobic welding torch, mostly used for installation and after-sales maintenance, portable, equipped with 2 liters of oxygen tube and violent fire gas (instead of butane gas)
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The acceptance of oxygen-free welding torches is still not great, so it is necessary to promote the work of replacing butane gas with fierce fire gas. The advantages are: 1. One tank of fierce fire gas tops 8 cans of butane gas, 2. High pressure and stable flame, in low temperature environment It’s no problem if the temperature is below zero ((minus 30 degrees), it can be used in the cold storage. Although Guangdong is rarely below zero, butane gas will cool itself after 3-5 minutes and cause the flame to become unstable. Some of them need to be placed in water. Here, 3. Fierce fire gas can be used without oxygen or oxygen.

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