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Nickel-based solder

Nickel-based brazing filler metal is based on nickel, and its melting point is reduced by adding alloying elements, and at the same time its high-temperature strength is improved. It is widely used in the brazing of stainless steel. The nickel-based solders supplied by our company are in the form of foil strips and pastes, which have good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and can be used for brazing parts that work at high temperatures.
Product serial number
Product description
Grade performance Base
main application
Element /wt.%
FirmKim Ni82Cr7Si4B3Fe Cr Si B Fe C P Ni F

The solder has a small melting temperature range and good
fluidity. It is often used for high-temperature jet engine parts
and parts that work at low temperatures.

6~8 4~5 2.7~3.5 2.5~3.5 0.06 / margin F
GB/T10859- 2008 BNi82CrSiB Melting temperature/℃  
AWS A5.8 BNi-2 970~ 1000  
FirmKim Ni71Cr19Si Cr Si B Fe C P Ni F

It is often used for brazing high-strength and oxidation-resistant
joints that work at high temperatures. It can also be used for
brazing core components.

18.5~19.5 9.7~10.5 / / 0.1 / margin F
GB/T10859- 2008 BNi71CrSi Melting temperature/℃  
AWS A5.8 BNi-5 1080~ 1135  
FirmKim Ni89P Cr Si B Fe C P Ni F

Good fluidity, low dissolution to the base material, used for
brazing stainless steel parts whose working temperature is
not too high.

/ / / / 0.1 10~12 margin F
GB/T10859- 2008 BNi89P Melting temperature/℃  
AWS A5.8 BNi-6 970~ 1000  
FirmKim Ni76Cr14P10 Cr Si B Fe C P Ni F

Brazing honeycomb structures, thin-walled tube components
and other structures used at high temperatures can be used
in the nuclear field.

13~15 0.1 0.01 0.2 0.08 9.7~10.5 margin F
GB/T10859- 2008 BNi76CrP Melting temperature/℃  
AWS A5.8 BNi-7 890~ 890  
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